Solari Architects are a architecture practice based in Wellington, New Zealand. We specialise in multi-unit residential, residential and commercial architecture.

When working with you we focus on speaking a common language. You’ll find no architectural lingo here just a team packed with a wealth of international experience in delivering creative architectural solutions.

Over 15 years specialising in the multi-unit sector has seen us impart our knowledge and passion over a myriad of projects. Experience aside, it is our profound understanding of a clients’ values and objectives coupled with our team’s ability to embody these in their work that undoubtedly are to credit for both our own and most importantly our clients success.

Whether you’re developing in the private or public sector every Solari project is led by your vision and materialised by our tools and expertise.

The result? A build and experience that is second to none.

When working with you we focus on speaking a common language.
Solari. Your commercial & residential architects, Wellington.

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We take your vision from pictures, words, half-formed or full-formed ideas and “ya knows” and translate them into architecture representative of your values, goals and personality. Our strengths lie in commercial architecture, residential architecture and multi-residential architecture projects where we work on the small and the large. We’re flexible, agile and updateable but we do keep one thing consistent across the board; every project is led by YOUR vision and crafted by our tools and architectural expertise.