Catherine Solari

General Manager

After 17 years working in sales roles in the IT industry James and I decided to start a family and along came our little guy Hugo. Instead of returning to the land of IT after a year of looking after that wee guy I decided it was a much better idea to jump in and help out James with his flourishing little business. It was doing so well he didn’t have time to run it, so with my experience in larger corporations with sound business practices I came on board to lend a hand. Over the last 6 years we have substantially grown the business from just a 3 person operation to the much larger team it is now. Its great fun working with all of these creative and talented people. I’m really proud of what we have acheived.

ADVICE: Do what you really love to do and make sure you are doing it with people you actually like. Life is pretty horrible if you aren’t.