Lyall Bay Reno

Renovated Theatre and Café into a 5 bedroom home.

Project Type: Residential Rennovation
Location: Lyall Bay, Wellington.
Status: Completed

Client objectives and goals were to re-think/re-design an old theatre containing a retail store, cafe and 3 bedroom flat, into a welcoming contemporary home for a growing, energetic family.

The house exists as two levels, with 310 sq m on the ground floor and the remainder as mixture of enclosed upper level spaces and an open mezzanine space that shares the main central volume that is the living space.

When working on this project we were inspired not only by the original building but its location and the energy of the family. Not wanting to disconnect the building from its historic roots in Lyall Bay we created a space that continued to reach out to its surroundings. We kept a sense of freedom throughout the home with a very generous double height central living space that introduced a formal lounge area before rolling into a causal family space effortlessly blended into the back yard.